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SoC was great. I loved the fact that the players threw the prepared script in GW's face
They abused the rules. Throwing all the results on one single town wasn't one of the community's highest moments.

I have no problem with Archaon being headbutted into the ground by Grimgor at the end.
I don't either, but...

By that time he should have lost the favour of the gods already.
...I like my fluff to be coherent. There's no way this would have been the outcome if the events had unfolded in any logical way. Holding one backwater town shouldn't have had any influence on the chaos advance. That all the results of the campaign stemed from a quirk in the rules that the players happily abused is not something I enjoy.
All the everchosen have believed themselves to be the last so what is wrong with old archy being wrong as well?
They didn't believe anything, it's how it was. Word of god stuff, prophecies, whatever. It's the chaos gods who called Archaon Lord of the End Times, not Archaon himself.

The stories that emerged in the aftermath set a lovely tone also. Chaos remnants being pushed back into Kislev and the wastes in the "war of the north", successor struggles in Averland, the secession of Sylvania under Mannfred, and trouble in the Border Princes, not to mention the fact that Malekith tries to trick the Phoenix Throne into wasting its strength fighting in Naggaroth.
That was nice indeed for the most part, but could have happened all the same if Archaon had walked all over Middenheim. Total discredit was thrown upon chaos. How can we believe they're a world-scale threat if they can't take a single city? Archaon was completely and utterly overdone by a goblin in the fluff. As much as I love Grom being the most successful invader ever in the modern history of the Old World, it didn't make sense Archaon couldn't even achieve a tenth of what the Paunch did.
And what's great about Mannfred's treatment in SoC? It's one of the lamest blurbs of fluff GW has ever written.

The SoC turned the clock back from midnight and dialed the epicness down a few notches, which in my eyes was a good thing. It also opened the world up for more potential interesting plot-lines than "Chaos invades oh noooes". The year 2525 post the SoC is my preferred setting for warhammer battles and campaigns by far.
The fall of Middenheim could have made this happen too, with Archaon having to pose for a while. Since we were stuck in time back then, that would have meant no further major chaos incursion for years, focusing the attention on the other factions.

The only real result of SoC was to make Chaos a big failure.

Anyway, that's not the purpose of my topic, so may we go back on topic (well I guess it's dead already so no matter, but still)? We can discuss this over by PM if you wish.