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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnizipal View Post
    I think it applies to both chronicles:

    "Such small contradictions are common when one studies these early times. The only certain thing is that approximately 1000 years before the birth of Holy Sigmar, tribes of Humans migrated to, or were driven into, the Reik Basin.
    Most fled the lands from across the World Edge Mountains, although it seems likely some also came from the Badlands.
    " (emphasis mine)

    Nowhere does it state any of the tribes came from the north.
    Much like in the real world, civilisation started in the warm climates of the south in the Warhammer World.
    Even before the collapse of the Chaos gates the poles were harsh and inhospitable lands so I doubt a tribe of humans could have evolved there.
    That doesn't really work for me because that paragraph you're quoting refers to the Hunberokin, Teutokin, and so on. To me, it doesn't seem as if that statement directly applies to the Norsii migrations. In any case, we know that some human tribes were situated at the poles, because we see Malekith encounter them in the War of the Beard novels, in addition, we know the Norsii conquered and subjugated native tribes of humans in the Chaos Wastes who were considered to be descendants of the earliest human tribes who became Beastmen. If the tribes emerged from the southeast like the others, what motivated them to keep pressing so far north to Nordland, Kislev, and Troll Country? Even the Teutogen never ranged further than Middenland, and that they only did for religious regions because the Flame of Ulric was there. You could explain it away for the Norsii, I suppose, with them wanting to be closest to the influence of the Dark Gods, but the others? And if the Norsii were emerging from the southeast and wanted to be closer to the Chaos Gods, why stop there? Why not go further until you reach Norsca itself? Besides, coming originally from the Chaos Wastes, and perhaps driving the Ungols, Frikings, and Roppsmen before them would explain how the Norsii were the only tribe to know anything about the Chaos Gods.

    True, though due to lack of a standardised background document many novels (accidentally) retcon established history form other sources.
    Look at what happened to the Liber Necrics and the Von Carstein trilogy for example.
    Be that as it may (and I agree that what Warhammer lore really needed was chiropractic treatment, ala what Blizzard's doing with Warcraft Chronicles but less idiotic), but even earlier lore states that the first time the Norsii encountered the Kurgan was after Sigmar defeated them.
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