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    Northmen origins

    So, I was reading through Tome of Salvation one day and I came across this part in the opening sections written in an in-universe style. Essentially, it was detailing how the Norsii, Ungols, Roppsmen, and Frikings were all part of an earlier migration of humans which predates the arrival of Imperial tribes. Of these northern tribes, the Frikings were essentially wiped out, the Roppsmen were annihilated and driven to Kislev, and the Norsii apparently fought Sigmar, lost, fought their way through Ungol land, and settled in Norsca.

    So, does this mean that the Norsemen are actually native to Chaos Wastes? If so, why did they leave in the first place? Does this also mean that they're related to the tribes of mutant humans that Malekith encountered when he first journeyed to the Realm of Chaos? Did they have a hand in annihilating the previous inhabitants of the Empire, as well? It seems to conflict with the depictions of the Norsii in the Tome of Corruption, where they were portrayed as being largely peaceful, and victimised by the Teutogens.

    Also, I want to know whether the Ungols are related to the Kurgan, seeing as how a lot of fluff implies they both have affinity for each other. That and the fact that they're both based of European and Slavic misunderstanding about Central Asian peoples.
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