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Thread: A poll of Warhammer players - have you tried The 9th Age yet?

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    A poll of Warhammer players - have you tried The 9th Age yet?

    EDIT as about 20 people have pointed out, the poll isn't working, for reasons which are beyond me. I'm not going to set up a new thread, but feel free to add comments on how you would have voted below. Thanks

    Myself and my gaming group have been having an absolute blast playing T9A since about December last year. It has completely reinvigorated our war gaming, to the almost complete exclusion of all other games - we're talking all the time about new army lists, character builds, new play styles for our armies and so on. I've found it very reminiscent of the late '90s; with the excitement of a new edition and all the new army books completely jumbling up the old order.

    What I find puzzling though is that there are some fans of Warhammer who don't seem to want to try it or play it. I would have thought that if you were a fan of Warhammer pre the Great Catastrophe of 2015, that this would have been the perfect game. I know many have switched to KoW, AoS etc instead.

    So, out of interest, I thought I'd ask the community here (who are presumably fans of the Warhammer game as it was) what level of interest has been shown in 9th and whether you liked it/didn't like it?

    Now that the beta version is closed and we have a stable edition for at least 6 months, I think it's an ideal time for people who were on the fence to give it a go.

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