I do recommend Gav Thorpe's warbeast novel since it does go into how some of the normal people survived the age of chaos and LOADS of kislev nods. Or the audio drama series first volume goes in the after effects of how it effected the normal people of the realms the only place normal people were safe is Ayzr. The new fury of Gork Novel shows how sigmar is trying to deal with the effects of the reforging by setting up various storm hosts to fight together since they may learn and grow from one another there was a nice discussion about fear in there. Oh and Orruks are awesome.

In the very first novel in Asqhy before the stormcast arrived they said most normal people don't live until 20 cause the bloodbound either force them to join their warband or eat them if they refuse. Still in the second volume of the audio drama it does show that the normal people are starting to recolonize the mortal realms.