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Yeah his realms has plains and everything he even had to deal with the chaos cults and Orruks before he could sally forth and take the fight to chaos, the only realm that is contested and normal people have a chance in living in is the realm of Death. Since well.... vampires and necromancers are pretty much the norm compared to most places. Yeah in Ashqy the old and children normally died first if you are too weak or too sick to run and fight you are toast. In many of the realms there were barbarian tribes, Kings, Queens and all sorts of civilizations.

Many barbrians tribes have survived and fought against chaos. There was a story in the campaign book about a devoted of sigmar army called the candlemen hid underground and in caves until it was the right time to strike of course that happened when they saw stormcast fighting chaos. There is another story in the call of Archaon novels of a group of people living in some sort of tower and rediscovering their faith in sigmar until a nurgle champion attacks it. Since the realm of life is under attack by nurgle. There loads of small tid bits here and there of the history of the civilsation that lived in the ruins that the stormcast pass by or places were people are surviving like in the warbeast novel or audio drama.

In the audio drama mannfred and the stormcast come across some pilgrims I won't spoil why they are going to their destination by they explain how they survived the age of chaos when so many died. Still mannfred was pretty much the tour guide explaining all the locations they visited and what happened to said people in the area.

On the stormcast front this part truly shows me that they are humans that all they are is the order version of chaos warriors.

This is a small extract from the new novel fury of gork Two lord Celestant's talk about Fear and what it means to them this whole conversation just shows that sigmar is trying to do something about the reforging effects. Zephacleas was a Chieften when he was mortal the second lord Celestant is Greel who got owned by a Tzeentch chaos Lord Sorceress and had the souls of his men trapped within her armor. This conversation happens after Zephacleas fell back and trapped the orruks for a moment instead of fighting head on. Since greel wants to kill her since he feels that his weakness cost them the battle and had the souls of his warriors trapped.

Zephacleas: Fear is not a weakness, brother. It is a part of being mortal, like courage or sadness. Joy, rage. Among my people - when I had a people(got wrecked by chaos) it was said that a man who had never felt fear was one who had never truly lived. The fear of facing a sabretusk, with only a spear between you and it. The fear of starvation(stormcast can die of starvation funny enough. :P) or daemons in the night. The fear of pain, as your enemy's blade draws close. The fear of... surviving, where others died.

Greel: I was told you were a warrior, not a philosopher

Zephacleas: Hardly a philosopher. I was a chieftain, Iron-side. Not a hunter or a warrior, or even a tender of the sick, but a ruler. And I have had this talk more times than I can remember. You still know fear, brother but now you fear faliure rather than death.

Greel: And is that better or worse?

Zephacleas: Only sigmar can say.

Now the orruks in the novel are AMAZING causing even a gaunt summoner to shudder at how kunnin the new Orruck character is.
"Barbarian" in this case meaning that they all look like Flagellants.