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Thread: Lizardmen - Getting Started

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    Lizardmen - Getting Started

    Beyond the Start Collecting! box, what do folks recommend for a new Lizardmen player? Saurus Warriors look pretty beefy, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the visuals of the skinks. I'm not sure I'd like to use the Carnosaur though - in any case, I would have to track down a monster size square base and I've no idea what dimensions those are meant to come in, or even if anyone else does them. I'd prefer several slightly weaker leaders to slip into units of Saurus Warriors rather than one big badass, and I'd really like to get plenty of skinks into the force. How should I go about building up to around 1000pts?


    P.S. For either 8th or 9th, though I hear Mantic are working on a Lizardmen book for KoW.
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