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Thread: Iron Kid's Trench Themed Astra Militarum

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    Re: Iron Kid's Trench Themed Astra Militarum

    Your WIPs look promising mate, is that a BTR 50 or a Buffalo you’re basing your super heavy upon? The Ogryn models certainly suit your theme, look forward to seeing them painted!

    What turret have you used for that Leman Russ? Nice thing there. EDIT: Aha! Victoria Lamb Miniatures, good choice!

    I can appreciate Codex changes effecting big time players at 40K stores but hopefully you have opponents who are more interested in coolness and narrative? If some vehicles are written out then use 'counts as' so they can still be fielded, or just use the older rule set against someone who doesn't care. All your stuff is great, don't let standard G Dubs tactics turn you off from your enjoyment of the hobby!
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