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Thread: 4th war gaming table - a small review

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    4th war gaming table - a small review

    Hi guys

    I thought I would do a small review and share my thoughts on the 4th war gaming table. Ever since I saw the Beast of War video review I thought about getting them myself. I finally realized that dream recently after moving back to my apartment after a three months hiatus due to extensive water damage.

    Ironically the water damage gave me a chance to rethink my apartment which gave me more floor space to actually fit a non-permanent gaming table (I used to do my gaming at the dining table).

    If you are like me - and I think many live in apartments with limited space, you have to be smart about your gaming hobby. This is where these gaming tables come into the picture.

    First the pictures:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I ended up buying two sets. I did so, so that I can extend the gaming tables with extra sections or even just have two for some event if I ever end up holding one in my limited space.

    The good:
    They are surprisingly sturdy and provide a secure table for gaming. They store quite well and are designed to fit into a black bag that can be purchased separately.
    I was surprised how stable they were. Also my floors are old and I was afraid they wouldn't line up. One feature I really appreciated was the magnetic strips along the sides of the table that brought even more stability.
    If you have limited space and you don't want to store an actual physical table but prefer something more light weight that comes with a bag, these tables are for you. I for one am really happy with this purchase.

    The bad:
    I can't really say there are many bad things about these tables outside of the fact they don't come cheap and that you have to be careful with them not to damage the cardboard when putting together and taking away. But with some attention I think they can last for many years.

    I can't wait to get cracking at Warmaster, Bolt Action, By Fire and Sword, Flames of War, Epic, Necromunda, Warhammer Fantasy. 40k and many other games.

    I might update the thread when I have some pictures of actual games on them. Also the light was terrible when I did these pictures. Next time I will try to take better pictures.

    Direct links to the pictures:

    Here is where you can find the table:

    The Beast of War video:

    Let me know if you have questions or comments!
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    Re: 4th war gaming table - a small review

    While it looks really cool, I am still hesitant about the durability of the table. Cardboard just doesnt last, especially as you move it aboit

    My gaming table (which weighs about 80lbs ish) was made from 6x4x0.5 plywood cut to fold up like a book (with a centre spine). I then screwed in collapsable legs to allow it to fold up. It cost maybe 40$ to make.

    The only upside I see here to something like this is the weight.

    I feel like some clever plywood+MDF may get a happy medium between this table and what I have.

    I'm glad you enjoy it, and this is a super helpful review for anyone interested.

    I just get hesitant when its cardboard anything.

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