So I've been thinking a lot about the Sigmarites and how similar they are to the Necrontyr and thought I'd get some input on this as an idea and how to implement it:

1) The Sigmarites are allied with incredibly powerful God-like beings who, while not on par with the great Chaos deities, are nonetheless massive forces to be reckoned with.
2) Sigmar's goal is to eliminate the Chaos deities once and for all.
3) He seeks to accomplish this by taking living beings and forging them in to undying armoured beings.
4) Those armoured beings get teleported back when they die.
5) When they are killed, the process that puts them back in to their armoured bodies destroys their memories bit by bit as the deaths occur again and again.
6) The armoured bodies look suspiciously like the old Necron Pariahs, upgunned and up-armoured.
7) The deities they are allied with are a fractious and deadly lot, prone to infighting and betraying one another.

So what do you think? Will Sigmar, in a fit of rage, force all of Humanity in to the sigmarite bodies to help his war? Will the Sigmarites tire of being commanded by uncaring, distant deities and shred and trap them?