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Thread: Warseer Epic Painting and Modeling Project Log Links

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    Exclamation Warseer Epic Painting and Modeling Project Log Links

    So they are not lost amongst the other Sci-Fi logs Patriarch had the idea of having a thread with links to all of the Epic project logs on Warseer.

    I'll list all of the project logs I can find. If your log is not on the list and you want it added (or taken off) PM me and I'll update the first page.

    Please comment on particular logs in the appropriate threads.

    If you've updated your log/added new stuff and would like us to take a look feel free to post a comment here. Afterall we wouldn't want to miss out on something just because it's no longer on the first page!

    Warseer Epic Project Logs (in no particular order):

    Chaos and Evil's Cadians

    Chaos and Evil's Red Corsairs

    Patriarch's Craftworld Biel-Tan Eldar

    Malakai's Epic Terrain

    Malakai's Black Templars

    Malakai's Craftworld Iybraesil Eldar

    Drakemaster's Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons

    Firestorm 40K's 40K & Epic Chaos

    Valo's Red Scorpions

    GraemePaul's Imperial Guard, Marines, and Orks

    Curis' Bad Moonz Orks

    Moronguhl's Valhallan Imperial Guard

    Cels' Imperial Guard and terrain

    daemonkin's Legio Gryphonicus

    Saul Tarvit's Legio Tempestus images unavailable

    McMullet's Orks (plus WFB & 40K)

    dancingmonkey's Vostroyans

    silentbob27's Dark Angels & other stuff

    kev101's Projects

    ZomboCom's Dark Eldar images unavailable

    Vaaish's Epic log

    Hena's Lost and the Damned

    orangesm's Macragge 333rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment (E:A Imperial Guard)

    orangesm's Taktuz's Legion - 4th Warhorde of Marghuz’s Fiefdom (E:A Orks)

    mark_logue's 40K & Epic Saim-Hann Eldar

    Torgoch's Epic Log

    Ninjin's 412th Armageddon Army, XII Corps

    Fredman's Epic Project

    mark_logue's Ulthwe Eldar

    mark_logue's 6mm Seeds of War army

    Marovian's 40K and Epic log

    Mr. Feral's General Plog including Epic Chaos

    Capt. Drill's Epic Chaos & Necrons

    Verm1s' Epic Undertaking

    Mageboltrat's Death Guard

    Chaos and Evil's Blood Angels

    tdc500's Tau

    Ghudra's WaaarGh!!

    Mc Haggis' Imperial Knight Household

    Rastamann's Random Bog of Epic Stuff

    FSA Tournament Armies
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