Well my first thought is: My god its official website is annoying. I'm sure all their fancy animations look pretty, but it also means that any page on there takes an eternity to load for me as my internet connection is neither fast nor stable.

As for the game itself, what I've seen of it gets a pretty resounding 'meh' from me. It's a nice attempt, and I'm sure the gameplay is well enough, but the visuals as they stand are a bit too bright and colour-saturated for my tastes, and I'd have preferred the ship designs to be more faithful to the models (I could have sworn Imperial escorts had more engines than that). I know the golden rule of not judging a game by its graphics, but given those screenshots and trailers have left a lasting first impression on me.

I'll wait and see with this one. If they include a Kor'vattra Tau fleet and provide a way of accessing it without fiddling around with DLC then I might consider it. Otherwise I think I'll pass.