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Thread: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

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    Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    I picked this up last week. I'm liking it so far. The graphics are wonderful. The gameplay doesn't feel quite right, but it's really close.
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    Re: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    I love it. Finished the campaign and honing my skills in Solo Skirmish. Its as close to the tabletop game as possible in a realtime format, down to the stats - I am willing to accept some minor changes to make the game fit in real time.

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    Re: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    Would have preferred a proper turn-based strategy, and the tendency of ships to run into each other in what should be the vastness of space is infuriating... that said the game is fun, and will be even more so with more races and support. Glad to see specialist games like bfg far outliving those 'market strategies' that sentenced them to death...

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    Re: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    Overjoyed to get a BFG game. This was tempered by the limited size of fleets and I really would have liked a more strategic campaign. Something like Total War would have been awesome. The battles themselves have gone a bit stale with all the repetition so I've shelved it until the Astartes are released. A bit of a missed opportunity.

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    Re: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    A few things, overall its a ok game, but it has a few problems and missing items that would have made it alot better.

    First of all the combat is imho a bit to fast paced, what I mean about this is that every battle is over in about 5 minutes or less (or more depending on how much of that time you slowed down time). The inclusion of the 100% shield depletion bomb makes shields practically useless (wich they where not in the original game) and in the same spirit, the 50% increase for lances to remove shields (one more reason why the combat is over so fast). The bombs themselfs are allso something I dont quite feel where a good thing to include. The fact that you can actually STOP your ship is a huge break from the original game, and not in a good way.

    Now we come to the nuts and bolts..

    The campaign ending where to abrupt imho, allmost half the sector where still in open rebellion in one way or another when the game ended I would have liked very much to be able to continue playing AFTER the capaign where "over" and we defeated abbadon, to reclaim the gothic sector. I was allso sadly dissapointed that there where to campaign options at all when it comes to multiplayer, a chaos vs imperium campagin would have been awsome. And I allso didnt like what they did with ironman (iron man simply means you dont decide when the game saves.. What I would have liked ironman to mean was in adition to the save restrictions, you actually lost your destroyed ships PERMANENTLY instead of 2 turns of repair for a fully exploded and destroyed ship.)

    The number of factions where ok, there do not really _need_ to be more, but it would be fun.

    imho its a solid 3 out of 5, could have been much better, but at the same time, its not a bad game at all.

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    Re: Battle fleet gothic armada! Thoughts?

    Well my first thought is: My god its official website is annoying. I'm sure all their fancy animations look pretty, but it also means that any page on there takes an eternity to load for me as my internet connection is neither fast nor stable.

    As for the game itself, what I've seen of it gets a pretty resounding 'meh' from me. It's a nice attempt, and I'm sure the gameplay is well enough, but the visuals as they stand are a bit too bright and colour-saturated for my tastes, and I'd have preferred the ship designs to be more faithful to the models (I could have sworn Imperial escorts had more engines than that). I know the golden rule of not judging a game by its graphics, but given those screenshots and trailers have left a lasting first impression on me.

    I'll wait and see with this one. If they include a Kor'vattra Tau fleet and provide a way of accessing it without fiddling around with DLC then I might consider it. Otherwise I think I'll pass.
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