Hi guys, I'm going to be starting a Mordheim campaign in the summer with my friends and am torn between two lists. We'll be using official and unofficial material.

My first list is

Vampire with 2 x swords, bow, light armour
Dregs x 3 all with spears
Dire Wolf
Ghouls x 3
Zombies x 3

My second list uses the Bloodlines rules

Blood Dragon Vampire with same load out
Dregs x 2 with spears
Dreg with double handed weapon
Dire Wolf
Ghouls x 3
Zombies x 5

The second list makes my Vampire even more of a badass and improves the Dregs slightly plus adds 2 more zombies but the Bloodline doesn't allow access to magic so I lose the Necromancer (the actual magic spells aren't very powerful but I think they would add something different to games).

What do people think of both lists?