More info.

First from Rob on the GBHL Facebook group:

"New releases every single month. This will be multiple kits. Some old, some new.

Most new kits will be coming in 'autumn'. Anytime they don't have something new, they will supplement it with a reissue.

Most reissued models will come in whatever they were last cast in. So most will be metal or finecast.

New models will be in forge world resin, as will some old. Eventual aim is for all to be in forge world resin, except the plastics.

Speaking of which, new laketown scenery will be plastic. It's an exception to the rule as it was already so close to being ready for plastic tooling. They hope to release around the end of the year.

New book will be hardback (working title is "There and Back Again"), a supplement to go alongside your hardback hobbit rulebook. It will contain all the rules from DoS and BotFA, as well as new stuff. 30 scenarios will be featured.

Iron Hill Dwarves will be among the first new releases in a few months time. They are still waiting for approval. In the game, Dain is a hardnut who makes nearby dwarves better. He can headbutt models to the ground if he doesn't sound them. The ballista has an arrow stopping move, great denial rules and something totally fresh for the game. The iron hill dwarves are able to form a shield wall (4 dwarves or more in base contact) thus getting a +1 for Defense, so they will be Defense 8.

There were references in Keith's book for the Gundabad Orc Berserkers as well as Thranduil on Elk. There was also a render for a rather tasty looking mace that looked to me like the one Khâmul the Easterling carries in the Dol Guldur scenes.

Very exciting times. They did express they are working on their own time to bring this to us as soon as possible. We need to continue showing our passion and love for the game as we have already been doing!"

And a teaser from Troke himself, responding to a picture of the young Dwalin sculpt with two axes:

"I wonder if there will be specific rules for these guys in the forthcoming book. Someone should ask tomorrow..."