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A few questions about Gretchin Revolutionaries and their Pilin' On rule.

1. Is there a limit to the amount of Grots to band together?

2. If not, could a player not band like 7 models together, providing 8 Attack Dice and even would mean even if all the dice rolled a 1, the result would be very high.
(Basic Grot WS is 2. Dice is 1+. 7 Models = Combat Score of 10+)

3. Do Snots count in Pilin' On?

4a. If the initial Gretchin is defeated, do the rest of the Pile continue fighting, albeit with 1 less Attack Dice and WS than before? Or is it 1 down, all down...
4b. ...if so, do they all roll separately on the Injury Table?

5. In the book's example (shown below), why would a player divide up the Gretchin instead of making 1 tough opponent and slowly working their way through the enemies onboard the vehicle?

6. Have I misunderstood the rules? Or is this a glitch, that should've been fixed?
1. Nope! If they lose the combat though they'll all be ejected from the vehicle.

2. Dice aren't added together. The highest scoring one is picked:

2. Work Out Combat Score
Each player picks his highest scoring dice and adds his Weapon Skill (WS) to the score. He then adds any combat score modifiers as shown on the table over the page. The total is the combat score.
(page 26 of Da Roolz)

All 1s rolled are Fumbles and add +1 to the opponent's combat score. Every six after the first is a Critical Blow and adds +1 to the fighter's combat score.
However each additional attacker adds +1 to the score so it'd still be pretty crazy!

3. The special rules for Rebel Grots apply to all Rebel Grots - Snots too!

4a. The way I read it is that they win or lose as one attacker. They all get thrown overboard if they lose.
4b. I would imagine that one uses the lead fighter's Toughness to work out whether they're injured but roll on the Injury Table separately. This bit I'm least sure of.

5. Not a clue. It's a fairly lousy example, frankly.

6. It sounds like you're one of the few people that actually understood the rules

I'll have to see about adding some of this to the FAQ - they're excellent questions.