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Thread: [Gorkamorka] Gretchin Revolutionaries Pilin' On

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    [Gorkamorka] Gretchin Revolutionaries Pilin' On

    A few questions about Gretchin Revolutionaries and their Pilin' On rule.

    1. Is there a limit to the amount of Grots to band together?
    2. If not, could a player not band like 7 models together, providing 8 Attack Dice and even would mean even if all the dice rolled a 1, the result would be very high.
    (Basic Grot WS is 2. Dice is 1+. 7 Models = Combat Score of 10+)

    3. Do Snots count in Pilin' On?

    4. If the initial Gretchin is defeated, do the rest of the Pile continue fighting, albeit with 1 less Attack Dice and WS than before? Or is it 1 down, all down, If so, do they all role seperatly on the Injury Table?

    5. In the book's example (shown below), why would a player divide up the Gretchin instead of making 1 tough opponent and slowly working their way through the enemies onboard the vehicle?

    6. Have I misunderstood the rules? Or is this a glitch, that should've been fixed?

    I have included the relevant rules from the Digga Nob and Da Roolz books.

    I thank you for your help with this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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