....but, I am going to make a Dragon Ball Z army. I've had several ideas, but I'm going to settle with a Saiyan army with the characters and more powerful units based off the characters in the show (Goku, Vageta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, all the saiyans from the different movies etc) Where all the guns will be based off attacks (Kahmehameha, Galik Gun, Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disk, Buster Cannon, etc, etc)

Now what I'm actually asking is what rules would best represent them, I'm thinking one of the two marine armies (loyalest or chaos) but I thought I'de get your ideas.

Please don't say thing is a lame idea, I know it's pretty stupid, but the idea will never leave me alone. I'm probalby never going to take it to serious gaming events, but just for fun (and the modeling of al lthe hair ) it's just to much of a good idea to pase up (goodbye to my new guitar amp ).

I'm going to use the new plastic scouts for the bodies atleast, hopefully the arms will be easy to seperate frrom the guns (for the kia blasts) and for the commander (or daemon prince) I may just use belakor (from fantasy) and alot of green stuff (see super saiyan 4 for what he'll look like)