Welcome to the Tale of Age of Sigmar Painters 2015-2016!

What is the Tale all about?
The goal of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

Because of the fluid nature of the AoS system your army can be as large or as small as you wish it to be, for the purposes of the tale we will measure army size in warscrolls (though if you wish to pattern your army after one of the fan-made comp. packs that are available or even points values based on a previous edition of warhammer fantasy battle please feel free).

Your army theme is your own, if you want to draw scrolls from multiple factions/Grand Alliances or even include terrain warscrolls then that is your prerogative, let your creativity run wild!

Your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen an army of 20 Warscrolls then your monthly target would be 2 warscrolls. The Tale runs for one year (September 2015 to August 2016), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 Jokers. You can play a Joker at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you use a Joker then feel free to post a suitable image instead (of a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is for completed work from the previous month (May) and later, for work in progress (WIP) shots of what you a working on for this month. Please do not post any completed work for this month in this thread.

Feel free to post any WIP pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the thread, but please keep it WIP. Do not post any completed work for this month until after the next thread opens at the start of next month.

Things to note
1. It's not too late!
If you want to join the Tale midway through that's absolutely fine, just post on this thread with the army/faction/Grand Alliance/theme of the force you are building and the goal (preferably in warscrolls) that you want to work towards and I will add you to the roster.

2. FAQ
The original sign up thread and Tale FAQ can be found here >> http://www.warseer.com/forums/showth...Sign-up-thread

If you have any further questions please ask them, either by posting them below, or by shooting me a PM

3. Commenting on other peoples work
Now is the time to post pics of your completed work for May, it would be great to spur each other on with lots of encouraging and constructive comments. Later in the month, once everyone has posted their completed work (usually around the 10th) I would encourage everyone to put up some comments for the other participants in the tale.