With the advent of Age of Sigmar now nearly a year old, and GW return to Social Media, a thought as occurred to me.

There appears to be a quite wide disparity between the reception of Age of Sigmar on the various fora - (here, Dakka, Beasts of War, BoLs etc) which tend to be on the negative side, if not down right hostile towards any product with the AOS brand, and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in this instance) - where there's more of a positive stance towards the game and the products. There are several groups within Facebook that actively enjoy AOS with the largest having memberships that rival if not outstrip those of the fora..

Is this disparity down to the audiences? Is it down to the renewed presence of GW on Social Media, with the fans of the games receiving a more positive message due to their presence?

I think the same is the case of the other GW lines as well - more and more I see a large positive groundswell towards GW and their products - yes, there is price complaints and rules complaints, but on the whole it's a lot more positive than the fora ever have been.

What causes this difference?