A bunch of new releases!

Novan Regulars – Siege Troops Casualties

Casualty figures that can be added to bases to create little vignettes and or for making 3D damage/wound/suppression markers, or anything else you can think of.

Set contains:

4 x casualties sprues (24 x figures in 6 poses)

1 x Quarter master team sprue (4 x figures)

28 x figures in total

Novan Regulars – Siege Troops Tank Riders

These figures are designed to add to tanks and or trucks etc as transported troops.

Set contains:

1 x command sprue( kneeling/crouched)

2 x troopers sprue (kneeling/crouched)

1 x troopers sprue no rifles (sat down)

4 x troopers spues with rifles (sat down)

30 x figures


Please note that due to the nature of their use these figures can be incredibly fiddly to work with and fix to your models so some patience is required to work with these figures. Contact patches for gluing the figures for example are very small so thy may be easily dislodged with heavy handling. I would suggest using them on a special spare model so that model can be added to a formation to visually note that troops are being transported on the vehicles, remove once the troops re deployed.

And some 3mm reinforcements for the Skinners:

3mm Skinners – Flamethrower Tanks

Skinners tank with flamethrower turrets

Set contains:

8 x tank hulls (4 variants)

8 x flamethrower turrets (4 variants)

3mm Skinners – Beam Cannon Tanks

Skinners tank with beam cannon turrets

Set contains:

8 x tank hulls (4 variants)

8 x beam cannon turrets (4 variants)