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Novan Desert Stinger Platforms - 3.50

Stingers are static light anti-aircraft units that can be deployed almost anywhere. Consisting of a cruciform base mounting a weapons pedestal and operators catwalk, they provide low altitude anti-aircraft defence in the field as well as at military installations.

The most common weapons mounted are either twin heavy machine guns or twin light auto-cannon but other types of weapons are employed also.

Set consists of:

10 x Desert Stingers in two variants.

Models painted by Matthew O Brien

Novan Regulars Tribune Hunter SPG - 6.00

The Tribune Hunter self-propelled gun is a design originating from the Fero Ascendancy and introduced during the early stages of the Crescente Succession war as a cheap and quick to manufacture tank destroyer for its Regulars regiments. Taking on the roll and augmenting the ranks of the Marksman and Assassin super-heavy tanks huge numbers of which were lost early in the conflict they were a stop gap measure until the new super-heavy designs could be manufactured and brought into service.

They have proven very effective in there assigned roll and continued to serve throughout the Crescente Succession conflict and beyond.

This set contains:

1 x Tribune Hunter hull

1 x Hunter components sprue

1 x Hunter weapons sprue (plasma, heavy laser and disruptor cannon)

Models painted by Matthew O Brien