Little update from Vanguard Miniatures:
Due to a backlog of orders building up I have chosen to disable ordering on the site again for a day or two. I do so loathe to do this but needs must, I will enable ordering again either tomorrow or Wednesday and I will have the new Novan Elites special weapons set available at that time.


Currently the stock of all three plastic bases we do are either extremely low in stock or sold out, re-stock orders of all three have been submitted and we should start seeing these arrive over the next 3 to 4 weeks or so.
And something to look forward to:

Gothic City Buildings Set B - 25.00

Set contains:

10 x Gothic arched window tiles

10 x Round arched window tiles

20 x Gothic half tiles

10 x Flying buttresses

34 x Gothic detail components

All tiles have alternative detail on the back faces.

Games Workshop Titan model show for scale purposes only and without permission.

Gobblers – Light Field Artillery - 6.00

Gobblers light field artillery set.

This set contains:

3 x Energy cannon

3 x Light cannon

3 x Heavy mortar

3 x Rocket launcher cradles

3 x Guided rockets