Skinner reinforcements inbound!

Skinners Ace Fighter “The Phantom” - 3.00

The infamous Skinners “ace” fighter pilot known only as the “Phantom” was first encountered during the initial preemptive strike into Skinners space during the border war of the late Commonwealth period. Skilled at strike and fade attacks this pilot was dubbed the “Phantom” by Novan aircrews and he built up a fearsome tally of Novan aircraft during both the border campaign and following Skinners incursion into Novan space.

This is a resin cast model.

Pack contains:

1 x Skinners Ace fighter hull

1 x Bombs, missiles and drop tank sprue

1 x plastic flight base

Model dimensions: 55mm long, 43mm wing span.

Skinners Flamethrower Tanks - 10.00

Skinners tanks are often individual designs, unique in appearance, but not to be underestimated.

Each Skinners Flamethrower Tank set contains 4 unique hulls and 4 unique turrets, allowing for 16 possible combinations for increased aesthetic variety.

This set contains:

4 x Tank hulls

4 x Flamethrower turrets

Tribal Skinners Finback War Beasts - 12.50

Set contains: 2 x Tribal Skinners Finback war beasts.

Tribal Skinners Warriors (pistols) - 7.00

Set contains 40 x Tribal Skinners Warriors with pistols and axes.

Tribal Skinners With Axes - 7.00

Set contains: 40 x Tribal Skinners with axes.

Tribal Skinners Leaders - 7.00

Set contains: 24 x Tribal Skinners Leader figures.