Remember the big gun I've shared last week? Apparently it was part of some additional 3D printed terrain kits!

Novan Elites – Forward Operating Base (FOB)

The Novan Elites forward operating base (FOB) is a pre-fabricated modular fortification that can be assembled in many configurations. This set contains the components to assembly one configuration “A” structure with two gatehouses and four defence turret mounts. This model should see further modules released to expand on the theme and open up new layout options.

Set contains:

6 x plain walls

4 x walls with light turret positions

2 x gatehouses

2 x gates

1 x sentry turret sprue

Dimensions: 165mms square, wall height to top of parapet 24mms


1) These models have been 3D resin printed and are hollow to reduce weight and material cost, print supports have been removed but some clean up may still be required.
2) Model has been designed to enable magnet use as desired.
3) Various miniatures show for scale purposes only, GW knight shown without permission.

Novan Elites – FOB Upgrade – Bunker With Dish

This is an upgrade module for the Novan Elites forward operating base model, a heavy bunker that provides the FOB with a powerful multi-function dish.

Set contains:

1 x bunker

1 x bunker roof

I x dish

1 x dish turntable

Dimensions: bunker height not including the dish 45mms, 75mms long on a side, replaces three corner modules.


1) All components are 3D resin printed.

2) Print supports have been removed but some tidy up may be required.

3) Some file work will be required to get the roof and dish to sit properly in there locations.