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Eloi Federation – Way Seekers - £3.50

Eloi Federation Way Seekers


The Way Seekers of the Eloi Federation function as the leaders of Eloi Battle Contingents, and are to be found serving at all levels of command from Detachment Commander to Battle Group Leaders. They have many specialist branches within the Eloi’s military establishment. Highly intelligent and extensively trained the “Seekers” as they are commonly known have studied the art of war in all its many aspects and are therefore opponents not to be underestimated.


They wear a modified suit of Eloi battle armour and robes made of an unknown fabric with several remarkable properties which will not be elaborated upon here. Armaments carried by such individuals include conventional Eloi small arms as well as the favoured “great sword” a melee weapon capable of piercing even the mighty armour of our Novan Elites. Certain individuals have also been observed as carrying the less common spear and rarely a staff which may serve as a badge of office.

Observed abilities:

Redacted by order of the high command – Magenta level clearance required.

This set contains:

12 x way seekers

1 x master seeker

Miniatures painted by John Fielding.

Plastic base not included.