A whole bunch of new releases!

Novan Regulars – Jungle Rangers Scout Striders

The Scout class Strider light walker has served with Tusculum Nova’s Regular forces since there founding and has seen many variants over the years. Primarily used as a light scout vehicle and also occasionally in the infantry support roll, it can be found on practically ever world of the Commonwealth. In concert with its larger cousin the Battle class these two very successful walker designs have been pivotal in Tusculum Nova’s developing combat walker programs.

This set contain:

4 x Strider open cockpit hulls – Armed with vegetation chain-blade cutters and flamethrowers

4 x Strider legs in four poses


Model height approx. 19mm

Renegade Militia – Casualties

Set contains:

30 x militia casualties in 5 poses (note these figures are double sided)

Renegade Militia – Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Crews

Note these crew figures could also be used for large anti-tank gun crews or any other ordnance piece requiring large shells.

Set contains:

30 x gun crews in five poses

Renegade Militia – Artillery Crews

Set contains:

10 x crew for mounting on self-propelled guns or gun platforms (five poses)

22 x crew figures with regular figure bases (11 poses)

Renegade Militia – Infantry

Set contains:

40 x militia infantry (including 4 x squad leaders and 4 x grenade launcher operators)

Renegade Militia – Specialists 1

Set contains:

4 x officers

2 x discipling masters

2 x radio operators

2 x standard bearers

2 x snipers

3 x light mortars with 2 crew each

3 x light quad mortars with 2 crew each

3 x twin heavy MG teams

3 x auto-cannon teams

3 x tank commander torsos

Renegade Militia – Specialists 2

Set contains:

15 x discipling masters (in 5 poses)

3 squad HMG teams (3 figure teams)

6 x light support weapons (3 x flamer, 3 x melta)