A while back Troublemaker Games ran another successful Kickstarter campaign. Some of those items are now available through Vanguard Miniatures!

Tribal Skinners – Mega Finback War Beast

Set contains:

1 x resin cast mega finback (three components)

1 x resin howdah

1 x parts sprue

1 x gunners sprue (2 Gobblers gunners, 4 Skinners with heavy shooters)

1 x passengers sprue (10 figures with axes)


Beast approximate dimensions, length 75mms, height 36mms to the shoulder
Small finback show for size comparison only and is not included in this set

Novan Regulars – Argos Drakon Flamethrower

Set contains:

3 x Argos Dracon hulls

3 x flamethrower turrets