Several new releases today.

Cybershadow Fleet – Destroyers

Set contains:

2 x Destroyer hulls (2 variants, gun batteries and fighter launch bays)

1 x Components sprue

1 x Turrets sprue


These are resin cast models
Model length 31mms

Renegade Fleet – Logistics Carriers

Renegade Logistics Vessels (even the bad guys need logistics support)

Set contains:

1 x long hull

1 x short hull

3 x prow options (fit both ships)

1 x components sprue

2 x cargo pod sprues


These are complete resin cast models
Model lengths, 70mms and 50mms
The cargo pods are the same as on the Novan Logistics carrier

3mm Skinners – Rocket Tanks

Skinners tank with rocket turrets

Set contains:

8 x tank hulls (4 variants)

8 x rocket turrets (4 variants)

Tower Roof

A solid resin cast tower rooftop formerly available as part of the Habitorum plastic tiles set, now available separately.

1 x resin dome

1. Base 50mms square, height 55mms