The General Tactics thread seems to be going quite well.

Thought it might be a good idea to open one up for specific armies and keep the two seperate.

Ill kick things off with a simple one.

Unit of 20+ Glade guard. & either a glade lord (or Nomad prince in the updated rules) Or even better is a Glade lord on forest Drake.

keeping your Archers at a safedistance and with numbers above 20 will turn their 4+ hit to a 3+.

The GL on drake allows you to select one unit and reroll all hit & wound rolls of 1 until the next hero phase.

As well as bumping up these guys only slighly above average shooting to a pretty deadily salvo. It will turn their arcane bodkins (once perbattle shooting rend becomes -3) into a 1 hit KO for all but the hardiest units.

As soon as the enemy is close enough move your drake into combat to make use of its breath ability but close enough that it can continue to buff the archers.