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Can you break it down real slow like for me ;-). How does Fortress of the Boughs make the Sisters Thorns a 5+ instead of 6+? I am not arguing against it, I just need some help understanding. Thanks!
Shiled of thorns works on a 6+ save roll.

Fortress of boughes grants a + 1 to hit,wound and Save rolls.

So while technically it dosent change the abilities requirement of a 6+

What it does is mean that when you roll a 6 you add 1 to make 7

When you roll a 5 you +1 and it becomes 6 which satifies the requirement for the shield of thorns.

Because of the fortress of boughes

If you had a fortress of boughs AND a mystic shield you ad 1+ for the fortress and 1+ for the shield. So a roll of 4 will become 6. So if you roll a 4(6) 5(7) or a 6(8) all of them allow the shield of thorns to work

People say that you "roll a 5+ instead of a 6+" because its easier to say and it more or less amounts to the same thing.

However in some circumstance the distinction does matter.

Hopefully that makes sense.