Greetings to all,

I am currently considering divulging in the world of all things Fantasy. I am a long term 40K player and I have played as Chaos & Orks for the Sci Fi System. I have been looking over the possibilities for a new army. My lines of thought have lead me into a corner, in that I have to play a villainous army, and the I have narrowed down my choices to the following possibilities;

Cult of Slaanesh
Grimgors Ardboyz

I chose the Cult of Slaanesh Dark Elves because it would be a change from my Black Legion painting, but not something too radical and I can adapt the army to a Dark Elves fully fledged one later on. I chose Grimgors Ardboyz becvause I would love to make an Effigy of Gork and these boyz really do seem like the premier force for Greenskins in the Old World.

Thus my indecision is borne. I have always loved the Dark Elves & Orcs, but I'm torn. Can you help me please?!