What are the most points-effective choices for Troops in the CSM codex? Comparing our lovely spiky marines with those nasty smooth-armoured imperials, I notice that while our statline looks equal we're down on special rules like And They Shall..., plus our wargear options seem a little more restricted.

I've enjoyed using Khorne Beserkers as a fun unit but they seem in actual terms to be a bit useless when it comes to actually winning games - generally they do well on the first assault but they get bogged down and lose effectiveness as they go. The Plague Marines are a nice solid choice, even if the process of building them can be like pulling teeth. I've not tried the Rock Marines or the Thousand Hats, but neither seem really resilient enough to take fire.

So, am I best served by sticking to huge mobs of cultists to take bullets and objectives, or is there some mileage I've not yet found in our Marines?