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    WarSeer is Reborn

    Welcome to WarSeer Reborn.

    We are grateful to the community for all the messages of support and displays of solidarity during the downtime*. We can confirm that this was the result of the site being hacked** and although this was a time of great sorrow – after months of work the site has been rebuilt and has been reborn from the ashes to rise again.

    This will be a long thread. Apologies, but a lot needs to be covered.

    The Big Changes

    Members will notice significant changes on the site. We are sorry to confirm that the great bulk of the attachments and avatars (lost during the previous crash) have indeed gone forever. This is because no backups were created between crashes – something beyond the control of the site staff. Although the site superficially looks the same, due to the number of security issues raised when the site was taken on, it has been entirely rebuilt from scratch. We are pleased to say that we have been able to preserve our existing database of users, together with your thread content. We would advise all users to immediately change their passwords after logging in.

    We can also confirm that the site has had a change of ownership. Its new owners are long-time members of WarSeer who are very much invested in seeing the site thrive and grow. Although of course you will still see familiar faces in the Admin /Mod Team.

    There are many changes still to be made on the site. We will be unveiling a new WarSeer logo, new forums and various other features over the next few weeks. Our focus was to get the site up and running as quickly as possible for the community to re-engage whilst we reshape WarSeer. We want to propel it back to its position as one of the premier online Gaming and Modelling forums. We hope you will support us in that goal.

    To help us do so, if you notice any small glitches or snags such as missing icons please pop a message in the WarSeer New Bug Report Thread and we will deal with those issues as quickly as possible. Equally, if you have any ideas for the site - please put a message in The Future of WarSeer forum and we will be pleased to listen.
    The site is still in its infancy and suffering from a few teething problems, but with your help we will get these ironed out in the coming weeks. Bearing this in mind, please be patient and just make sure that all errors or glitches are reported to us as soon as possible.

    We would also like to reassure members that there is now a robust system of backups in place and we have technical support staff who are monitoring the site daily to smooth its running. Keeping your data and threads secure is our priority along with providing a safe and family-friendly community for people to share thoughts, ideas and make friends.

    We have a Twitter account and a Facebook group which you are more than welcome to join. Any site updates or news will be posted across these Social Media sites together with a post in WarSeer News – so you can always remain informed.

    There have been significant changes to forum structure and many categories have been moved, altered or amalgamated under new headings. We hope these changes are intuitive and make navigating the forums easier and quicker. If you have any questions just ask in The WarSeer Helpdesk and we will be pleased to direct you. All old threads are still on the site – none have been lost – but as moving so many threads on an individual basis was impossible, some yet have to be moved into their final destination forum. (ie. The Project Logs are currently being divided up into their respective fora and are currently all under the Project Logs main heading). If any of your threads is in the wrong forum please contact us in The WarSeer Helpdesk and we will again be pleased to help.

    Searching the Site

    You will notice that the search function sometimes does not return many results or sometimes not at all. This does not mean that the content or thread you are looking for is missing but only that the site index will be recompiled over the next few days and weeks and it will then work properly again. Please bear with us on this. This was a necessary step in order to clear our corrupted data.

    We now have forums for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar, Warhammer: The Old World and The Horus Heresy, among others, which we hope you enjoy. When posting please remember that this is a family-friendly forum and flaming, trolling, bad language and other such activities will not be tolerated.

    Forum Galleries, Icons and Smilies

    We are still working on this section of the forums (which finally work properly). If users click on the Gallery link at the top of the forum -it will appear empty and not let you upload images. This will be sorted in the next week. We will post a notification when this has happened.

    Likewise, the smilies and forum icons will be restored in the next week. Please note Avatars and Profile Pics should be working fine so get yours uploaded!

    Banned members
    Previously banned members may contact the site on if they wish to be considered for reinstatement and we will be happy to look at your request on an individual basis.

    We hope this post answers some of people's questions.

    If anyone has any about the topics mentioned in this post, please reply below and we will answer as fully as we can.

    Thanks again for all of your support. Here's looking forward to #WarSeerReborn for a long time.

    *which shall forever after be referred to as The Great Downtime
    ** The Great And Woeful Purging
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