Congratulations on the successful relaunch. Despite everything looking as it always did I know there must be an ungodly amount of work going on behind the scenes.

While it is not my intention to rain on everyone's parade I have a small but important point of critique I want to share, and I figured the earlier the better before any significant damage is done. Without further beating around the bush:

While I have always been in favor of splitting the Warhammer Fantasy forum up, I'm far from happy with the decision of simply dumping WHFB and T9A together in a single forum. If nothing else for the simple reason that the two are, save for superficially similar rules, entirely unrelated, and T9A is quite clearly NOT a GW product. Maybe we can sort this out? I don't want to discriminate against T9A players (in fact I fully support the project) but let's face it, the proper place to discuss T9A is the official T9A forum.