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    Rumours on WarSeer

    After discussing this heavily with the Mod Team, I'm here to make an announcement about a change in policy for how rumours are dealt with on WarSeer.

    Many will know that over the years WarSeer has gained a bit of a reputation for strictness of what we allow to be shared on the site when it comes to rumours. This was simple practicality.

    However now things have relaxed a bit and we have decided to make some changes.

    This has been the case for a few weeks now, but after a stealth trial has been pretty positive, we're making it official

    Now, this doesn't mean things will become a free for all. Flagrant copyright violation will not be tolerated and outside of the news forums (soon to return to News and Rumours) we will not be so tolerant of people who decide to paste whole pages or more of rules.

    But please bear with us whilst we find out exactly where 'the line' will fall on rumour sharing.

    Added to this, thank you for your patience whilst we sort through all the comments the community have been giving us about WarSeer Reborn. We want the site to adapt and grow in line with what you all tell us needs to change. Sometimes that change takes a while is all.

    In the meantime, go forth and gossip! Rumours have always been a key part of WarSeer. On a personal level, I'm glad I can oversee a more relaxed attitude on the site again.

    As you were,

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