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Thread: Angels in Black and the Terrors of the Night.

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    Angels in Black and the Terrors of the Night.

    Hey guys, with the forum up and running again I thought I'd get around to uploading my current projects. Those being a re-paint and expansion on my Night Lords army and the beginning of a second Legion the Dark Angels.

    So onto what I've been up too in the darkness that was no Warseer.

    So the initial plan was to work on the re-paint as a break from painting an Iron Warriors army. That didn't exactly work out as planned. As the new paint scheme below is carried out by painting them as if I was working on the Iron Warriors. Working up and highlighting metalics before adding the Night Lord’s Blue from Forgeworld. Break from metalics, not so much.

    So on to the pretty pictures. (note some not so pretty... Camera is terrible)

    The first completed Tactical squad for the Night Lords in the new scheme.

    Model wise, I’m trying to keep most of the Raptor helms for squad and independent characters. I’m quite liking using a dark metalic as the other colour to break up all the blue as shown on the Apothecary. In the previous version I went for the cream colours of the support troops found in Book 2, but I felt this works better.

    The slow process of bringing the former army up to the same scheme. With the first being a Terror Squad.

    One thing I've found is for some reason the scheme doesn't seem to work as well on the resin troops, compared to the plastic marines in the first image.

    I ended up with this alternate scheme completely by accident. The metal parts came about as I went over the first failed attempt with the Night Lords Blue on the main hull. While re-applying the darkened boltgun metal I realised how much I liked it and slowly working it up to what is above.
    I think it works well, and fits in with the infantry where I’m using dark metallics instead of black armour panels.

    Not the most exciting of logs, more to come (rather not stick it all in one post) after all, while Warseer was down I didn't really have the excuse of it distracting me.
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