Warseer is back! Time for a brand new painting log here!

I've been out of 40k for a number of years now, and have no intention of going back while GW refuses to make it into a decent game again. I have, however, recently gotten into the HH. Hard. Seeing the Custodes and Sisters of Silence had me sold. Initially I wanted to do a pure Talons of the Emperor army, but with the great deals you get the BoP and BaC boxes I figured I would just build a ton of marines, too! I already had three Knights, which will work as an allies detachment or for apocalypse.

What will you find in this plog?
  • Legio XVIII
  • Adeptus Custodes
  • Sisters of Silence
  • Imperial Knights
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy in the wonderful world of HH

Enough rambling. Pictures!

I quickly set up a photo area on my desk (using a white t-shirt as a backdrop). Far from ideal, but I wanted to get this plog started before I go absolutely crazy painting more marines! I also resorted to using my phone to take pictures, which doesn't help quality here either...

Knights I did back when they were released:

Nothing too spectacular. Just some knights!

Sisters of Silence test models:

Definitely need to tidy these up and whatnot. I also wanted the armour to be more silvery like seen in Collected Visions. I'm really happy with the colour of the armour, and I feel it matches my vision of Sisters of Silence quite well.

XVIIIth Legion MKIV tactical marines:

First ten tactical marines for the Salamanders. Need decals, weathering and bases. I'm really happy with the green colour of the armour, but there are plenty of lessons learned for the next batch of marines (10 MKIII marines).
The armour has more contrast in real life, but with the current set up it's hard to capture that.

Any input on Heresy-era squad markings for the sallies would be highly appreciated. I don't want to do the tactical arrow + numeral, but it'd be the least confusing marking for gaming purposes.

Let me know what you guys think! All feedback and criticism is highly appreciated.