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Thread: How Much Influence Will GW have over the Horus Heresy?

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    Re: How Much Influence Will GW have over the Horus Heresy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Radium View Post
    The books are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't want that to change. I also wouldn't want the game to change significantly, with its focus on more faithful representations of the legions and a focus on "fluffy" and "hobby" armies.
    GW books have really risen in quality as of late. Regardless of the rules 7th edition hardback ruleset was very well done. That being said nothing is ever really going to trump a Forge World rulebook. So although I se GW is incorporating the font and style that FW came up with for the Heresy line I just can't see GW coming out with a (semi)reasonably priced ruleset for the masses. I think they quality will suffer some, but on the upside it would get players like me who are on the fence to dive on in. I'm no stranger to Forge World but I do prefer working with plastic.

    And no that doesn't touch the rules because I've never played HH. My impression, prior to HH, was that the FW books were well made (I have a couple myself) but the rules were not quite in sync with 40K.

    By the way, welcome back Radium, one of the best painters on Warseer. I miss that Eldar Craftworlders army.
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