I thought this would be a good kicking off thread for the new Warseer HH forum. Certainly to not all, as HH is more popular than sliced bread, for those that can get their hands on FW models. No this is not a pricing thread nor is it a wishlisting thread, this is a thread to have a rational look at what GW plans to do in plastic Heresy era marines. This has a direct impact on what gamers budget for and what they buy. I feel that's a pretty good topic.

I believe a Deimos pattern Rhino is a given, perhaps even a Proteus pattern Land Raider. GW seems to be following their normal program of making the "bread and butter" models while FW does the special accoutrements, doors, special squads, shoulder pads etc. It makes me wonder if it is only a matter of time before GW starts publishing the rulebooks for the Horus Heresy.

So I'm curious to know what the community thinks. How far do you believe GW will get into the Horus Heresy timeline?