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    Tale of Board Game Painters Sign Up Thread

    Welcome to the Tale of Board Game Painters!

    What's all these 'Tales of...' I keep seeing?

    Basically it's a plan to get loads of miniatures painted up by getting motivation from positive feedback and approaching deadlines. By having a list and breaking it down into monthly parts it is more manageable, and by having deadlines to at least get something done by at the end of each month usually means that you will get something painted up (even if not as much as you would have wanted).
    This tale is about painting things for Board Games.

    To quote HereBeDragons introduction last year (which I couldn't have put any better);

    A lot of us wargamers have bought or been given some really impressive board games through the years that have had one extra special selling point; cool miniature game pieces.
    These can be old classics - Heroquest, Blood Bowl, 1st ed. Space Hulk - or super detailed eye candy from the recent surge of successful boxed games - Super Dungeon Explore, Zombicide, 3rd ed. Space Hulk - or anything in between.

    When we open the boxes we all dream of how awesome it will look (in just a few weeks, right?) when we've painted every single miniature to the best of our abilities. Awesome atmospheric board pieces with super realistic miniatures all over. Then a few weeks go by, sometimes a few months and for way too many of us a few years. The games are still awesome but all that paint seems to have taken the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

    Enter the Tale of Board Game Painters. Now we're going to use the collective power of motivation to really get it done! Participants choose a miniature board game from their collection - one's enough for most of us; after all, they've been unpainted this long already, let's not get carried away - and paint it up in 5 to 10 batches over a period of 6 to 12 months.

    The Plan

    We are fairly laid back here, we don't set you a set number of models that have to be completed - just try and get something finished each month. There are options for a six month plan (in which you are allowed a single month where you don't have to paint anything (known as a Joker), or a 12 month plan in which you are allowed 2 Jokers.

    In previous years we have started in September, but with the Warseer downtime, it seems logical to restart it and to do a calendar year instead.

    If you're on a 6 month plan it could be like this:

    Month 1: Painting in January - show-off in February
    Month 2: Painting in February - show-off in March
    Month 3: Painting in March- show-off in April
    Month 4: Painting in April - show-off in May
    Month 5: Painting in May - show-off in June
    Month 6: Painting in June - show-off in July - Finished Game in July!!

    A 12 month plan will not be finish in July but instead continue:

    Month 7: Painting in July - show-off in August
    Month 8: Painting in August - show-off in September
    Month 9: Painting in September - show-off in October
    Month 10: Painting in October - show-off in November
    Month 11: Painting in November - show-off in December
    Month 12: Painting in December - show-off in January - Finished Game in January!!

    This thread is for signing up! Let me know if interested, and if so what game/games you plan on painting

    Signed up so far;

    Daemonslave - Classic Warhammer Quest
    DYoung - Warhammer Quest Silver Tower
    April - HH : Burning of Prospero (?)
    DarthSte - Star Wars: Imperial Assault
    Lorelorn - Space Hulk
    Skywave - Warhammer Quest Silver Tower
    f2k - Dreadfleet
    Zarika - HH : Betrayal at Calth
    Benvoliothefirst - Classic Warhammer Quest
    blackcherry / Teh Real New Girl - Arkham Horror
    Covering Fire - HeroQuest : Kellar's Keep
    Hammerhand - Bloodbowl
    Thalenchar - Warhammer Quest : Silver Tower
    Doi - Kingdom Death : Monster
    Harry - Heroquest
    Kaltheras - Warhammer Quest : Silver Tower
    Itsacon - Classic Warhammer Quest
    Solun Decius - Blood Rage
    Great horned owl - Lobotomy
    Rikk - WHQ: Shadows over Hammerhal / Silver Tower
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