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Thread: "Khaine Incarnate": Lore Representation of End Times Artwork ?

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    "Khaine Incarnate": Lore Representation of End Times Artwork ?

    Hello Oldworlders!
    In this thread I would like to ask you whether the following artwork, the cover art from the second End Times episode (if I'm not mistaken), has been represented in the actual lore of the End Times?

    Despite having read multiple synopses and discussions on the book as well as having skimmed the book myself, I can not remember any character looking like the "Khaine Avatar/Incarnation" depicted on its front.
    Prior to its release I assumed that the one to take the Sword of Khaine would assume this form, but as we saw with Tyrion, that did not happen (right?).

    To this day I had assumed that the artwork was merely an ideational representation of the unleashing of Khaine's aspect, along the lines of the Khainite images represented through the Dark Elves' "Cauldron of Blood" ( or the Eldar's "Avatar of Khaine".

    But doubt has been gnawing on my mind repeatedly and I would finally like to know from those who have actually read the book in its entirety what this cover art is actually about in terms of the End Times story.

    Thanks in advance for your input :-)
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