I'm just bitter more of the Age of Sigmar stuff isn't in End Times. All the hype and build up for the 5th book and then Archaon is just the dude on a horse from Storm of Chaos. All the rumors about Archaon on a dragon were false, or so it seemed, but then seemingly a few months later its like "ARCHAON ON A CHIMERA! HE'S A HUNDRED FEET TALL!" and oh look its Valten, the Prime Celestant and Grimgor Fist of Gork, and Alarielle Avatar of Isha, etc.

Should have just made a 9th edition with all the cool stuff added in.

"Grimgor Fist of Gork led his 'ardboyz across the Dark Lands krumpin' stunties and gitz, until they reached the Fire Mouth. After a mighty struggle Grimgor Ironhide defeated Greasus Goldtooth in single combat. The mountain then erupted and having reached the end of the known world he left his army in the capable hands of Borgut Facebeater he chained himself onto the back of his Maw Krusha named Bigteef and flew back to the Old World on a mission to claim the title of the once and future git. Archaon must die..."