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    Dugaal's Forces of Chaos

    Greetings Warseer!
    In the grand tradition of unfinished Logs (I moved! My old stuff is in another country I swear!) I have started a new Chaos list:

    The Warp Kings

    The Warp Kings are a renegade horde gathered from those in the Eye with a great will against Chaos; Not, however, those too timid to demand its gifts...

    Their founder, Almega of the Black Legion, strove for Daemonhood without sacrificing his Soul to Chaos. Many who mocked the gods with similar demands received violent and self-inflicting mutations. Indeed Almega's war for both worldly power and that of the Gods was hard fought, and many such 'gifts' were amputated or replaced with bionics. Ultimately his conquests redeemed him to the gods. (his desecration of the holy site on Minathra IV, and the destruction and turning of the Iron Mantis Chapter to name a few) His strength and skill elevated to equal that of a Daemon Prince.

    His followers are equally compelled to control their destinies. Followers are picked from the last-standing members of Butchered Warbands and other worthy adversaries found in the warp. These Traitors are pitted against Chaos spawn in unarmed combat, as a test of their mastery over the whims of the Gods. If they survive, the tenants of the Warp Kings are laid out for them and it is their choice to join the ranks.

    The Warp Kings make pacts with the Gods at will with no loyalties but to themselves. They employ Sorcerers adept at shaping the will of chaos to help guide their mutations, never willing to settle for the inclinations of the Gods, and always with the strength of will to keep their minds intact. They are always prepared to amputate and butcher their own flesh if it proves undesirable, leading to a heavy use of Bionics.

    List (after much deliberation and enticement to add raptors)

    8 Zerkers, Fist, Rhino
    8 Zerkers, Fist, Rhino
    6 Raptors, 2LC champ, melta, flamer IoS ?
    2 Obliterators

    first zerker squad coming along and their ride

    Second zerker squad

    Stand in for an Obliterator (not part of the Obliterator cult, rather a spawn which has been "servitored" with the addition of tons of crazy weapons.
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