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    Sullan Studios Commission log

    "Can't express how happy I am with the work!! Sullan Studios is wonderful to work with. VERY quick to respond, taught me a tun about the fluff of Emperors Children, & provided daily updates on the [project]" - Hunter White, true-scale Eidolon, and two senior pre-heresy Emperors Children Sergeants project.

    Hey guys, I'm a painter and modeler, and have, on and off, started doing commissions. I'm a huge fan of the Emperors Children Legion, and I've just this week received a commission for Lord Commander Eidolon and a couple of Sergeants at a really interesting time in the fluff: between the Istvaan III Atrocity and the Drop Site Massacre, and I just thought I'd start a commission thread to log stuff here. I'm waiting on receiving some components, so I just thought I'd put some examples of my work, so you guys can get an idea of what to expect.

    Pre-Heresy Emperors Children Phoenix Guard dueling Laer.

    Tau Ethereal Honour Guard Shas'ui

    True-scale Great Crusade era Space Marine Legionary.

    Tau Ethereal

    Great Crusade-era true-scale Emperors Children Space Marine Line officer with Company Banner.

    Tau Fire Warriors

    I hope you enjoy!

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