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Thread: NightseeR's log of Necromunda goodness!

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    NightseeR's log of Necromunda goodness!

    As I've promised before, I'm starting a log of all my Necromunda things. That will be alot, so expect tons of pics in a short time!
    I have two gangs - the 'Stray Dogs' - a PDF deserter gang that I'm using with the Unknown Warriors rules, and the 'Red Wings', a House Escher gang. Right now I'm starting a new one - I don't know yet what gang list to use for them, they will be a bunch of post-apocalyptic punks 'n skinheads.
    Let's go on to the pics - to be polite with the gals, I'll show you the Eschers first.

    The current gang leader:

    The old one - Sakura

    Heavies - Izumi and Tsubaki

    Gangers - starting with my favourite, Neko (with cute kitten and cat ears)

    Continued in the next post.
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