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Thread: Old World - Who "survived" but didn't make it to AoS?

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    Re: Old World - Who "survived" but didn't make it to AoS?

    About Kholek Suneater, according to Joshy Reynolds, he was ultimately killed by Settra, as a test to prove his worth to Archaon--the dragon ogre was uncontrollable, and thus of no use to the Three Eyed King. The battle lasted for four days, and flattened most of the forest around Middenheim, before Settra killed him and drag him to the temple of Ulric and deposit his dead body at Archaon's feet.

    Also wee can safely say that Deamons cannot die, they just get banished back to the Immaterium .

    Anyone knows what happen to Ikit Claw ?
    Plus this :
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    Gilles, Abhorash, the Red Duke and Duke Jerrod were apparently holed up in Bretonnia at the end, but no mention was made of their fate.

    I think Khalida and Isabella von Carstein (along with Neferata) were in Sylvania, watching the world die.

    I don't remember Krakanrok the Black or Kholek Suneater dying.

    The 1d4chan End Times page has a whole list of characters who died (and how) plus those who apparently survived. Some of those are based off Josh Reynolds' comments, which aren't really official, but otherwise it's the most thorough list there is.
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