Apart from the two Silver Tower minis and the not-aelf Sylvaneth we haven't seen any elves. What do you think lies in store for them, lots of new minis with a full AoS treatment or reboxing old kits?

Personally, I'm hoping we get two Aelf factions one led by Malarian and the other led by Tyrion/Teclis. I'd love to see both Aelf factions get an overhaul with a similar release to Ironjawz or the Fyreslayers:

  • 3 Characters
  • 2 or 3 Units
  • Monster

Perhaps with an old reboot too just to build up the numbers.

I fancy building up a small Aelf warband based around the Silver Tower Mistweaver mini but am reluctant to do so knowing that chances are its gunna be irrelevant in a year or so. With the capture of Slaanesh we may not be seeing him/her or its captors for some time...

So what do you think we'll see and when?