I am dumping here a sweet lightsaber battle house rule I wiped up for a home game. I Have not seen anything like this posted on the Internet so might as well grace the Warseer forum with some sweet exclusives!

Lightsaber combat/battle/duel rules:

Instead of making consecutive Lightsaber attacks, make an opposed light-saber checks each round between the two opponents. Once the roll is compared, the one with the greater number of Successes, Benefits, and Triumphs records the difference into a pool that accumulates over multiple checks. If there are multiple combatants, one character can only make an opposed check against another charterer once per round.

During their turn a player may spend symbols from their pool as follows:

Spend 5 successes to make an attack (standard attack roll)
Spend 3 benefits/threats will grant a boost/black dice on the attack roll
Spend 1 triumph will upgrade/downgrade a dice once on the attack roll

Once an attack is made, the symbol pool is cleared and starts again blank. Resolve attack rolls, damage, and narrative effects as normal.