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I think you also need to define exactly which '8th edition' you're talking about. For example, I would be totally down for a game of early 8th edition, with either pre-8th edition army books or just the first few 8th edition books, but because I love the 6th edition Wood Elf army book and hate the 8th edition one I wouldn't want a game of late 8th edition when the 8th edition Wood Elf book was a thing. ET supplements would also be right out for me (except maybe porting over the 50% on Lords thing because I like to lavish magic items on my characters).

Aside from that though I'd mostly stick to late 6th edition and early 7th edition (the important thing for me is using the 6th edition Wood Elf book you see), or some hybrid of 6th and 8th since I like elements of both.
I think I've looked at the 6e Wood Elf book before... what did you find so compelling about it?

For me, the 4th Edition Wood Elf book will always be the first, last and only Wood Elf book. It has the much superior first version of the Wood Elf fluff, great artwork and it lets you build your army with whatever you please. I've built an army with just Treemen and Emperor White Dragons which was a lot of fun (kind of like a monster hunt for the opponent) and Hellenic-style armies with just chariots and big blocks of Glade Guard spearmen (yes, Glade Guard are spearmen in 4e). I found later editions way too restrictive in army composition rules...